Kanchanaburi, Thailand

River Kwai is situated in Kanchanaburi, along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The ‘Bridge over River Kwai’ is perhaps one of the most famous monuments of this region and students will have the opportunity not only visit, but to learn about the historical importance of this construction.

Students will also enjoy kayaking, hiking and mountain biking along some of the most spectacular scenes in Thailand, as well as explore the unique culture of the Mon Minority people in the region and participate in a cultural exchange with local Thai students.


River Kwai Adventure

Discover kayaking, hiking, mountain biking in a region full of fascinating history and culture.

Experience the beauty of Thailand’s River Kwai and the surrounding jungle

Trek the infamous Death Railway and explore the historical “Hell Fire Pass” and “Bridge over the River Kwai”

Learn about the Mon Minority people and their unique culture

Participate in a cultural exchange or service construction project

Take part in your own Adventure Race competition and discover why National Geographic and Action Asia staged the first race here in Thailand

Self-discovery on the River Kwai

Immerse yourself in the calm and beauty of the natural environment and learn how to release your mind from the hectic and modern world

An opportunity for self-discovery in the beautiful and tranquil Kanchanaburi area

Practice yoga with an experienced Yoga Master and derive all the positive and wholesome benefits of yoga techniques

Expose yourself to local Thai and Mon culture visiting temples and local schools tucked amongst the jungle and nestled on the river bank

Adventure options ranging from a reflective hike along the infamous Death Railway to paddling on the River Kwai