Client Feedback

What students are saying

“Just recently, our school’s “Life Wide Learning Week” was hosted by APA and it really left an impact on me. I loved every single facilitator we had. They managed to make us all laugh and they treated us equally with respect. They taught us patiently and gave it everything they had. They were open and they were willing to listen and I loved how you can immediately tell that they love their jobs.”

~Year 9 Student

“I was able to devour certain valuable lessons during the illustrious “Week On Water” course. I learnt how to be more responsible with my clothes and my items…and I started to appreciate the environment and outdoors so much more.”

~Year 6 Student

“Camp was great and my facilitator was a big part of that reason, as he made us laugh when we were down and made us smile with his great mind games. As a group, we were united and we cooperated well together. Before preparing dinner, we had fun making posters and performances. During clean up, we danced with brooms. It was very fun! ”

~Year 7 Student

“The week was the best educational experience I have ever had.”

~Year 10 Student

What schools are saying

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that once again, we were incredibly impressed by all aspects of the program put on for us by APA. Your facilitators are absolute stars, their skill in quickly building positive and trusting relationships with the students is incredibly impressive. Their ability to both challenge the students whilst keeping the students’ confidence up by ensuring that they feel supported, is superb. Finally, they are so good at giving the students a fun time whilst also making clear boundaries and ensuring safety. The facilitators are the real value added of APA.”

~IB Coordinator, Island School

“In my role as Head of Year 9, I visited all three camps and the professionalism displayed by all your staff was exemplary. What was particularly good was the way the students responded your staff and how with gentle encouragement they learnt many things for themselves, that in a classroom setting could never be achieved. The teamwork will hopefully continue throughout the year, so once again thank you very much.”

~Head of Year 9, Renaissance College

“All at APA show a commitment and standard of service unmatched in my 15 years as expeditions’ coordinator.”

~Expeditions Leader, Harrow International School

Thank you all for a great service to our school throughout all aspects of this trip. From early planning, through to program design, pre-trip info sessions and all the way through the 3 days, all APA staff were top notch and went above/beyond to make this a great experience for our kids. We are all very impressed and pleased, and we will not hesitate to rebook for next year. Superb!

~Vice Principal, Canadian International School

We greatly appreciate APA’s ability to take feedback and respond immediately. We also greatly appreciate the care, liveliness and engagement of all facilitators. Thank you very very much for a wonderful camp!

~ESF Teacher

Great service from the minute we arrived. Facilitators supported us from 7am till 8pm, with little down time. We greatly appreciate their time and effort. Our students had a great time. Thanks all at APA!

~ Vice Principal, Stamford International School

We had a truly wonderful experience at camp this year. We had a diverse group of students and your facilitators addressed them all with patience and kindness. They were firm when necessary and were able to differentiate the activities so that everyone was able to participate, regardless of ability and/or willingness. The staff at APA also allowed us to step in and out when needed. They worked tirelessly leading our students so that we didn’t have to. They were fun to hang around and extremely professional. Would highly recommend to anyone!

~ Harbour School