Yunnan, China

Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world, is situated in Yunnan, China. The gorge offers some of the most spectacular views and one of the most diverse landscapes in China. The program takes students through ancient towns, shady forests and a chance to interact with Yunnan’s ethnic minorities.

An ancient local legend says that a tiger used rocks as it’s stepping stones so it could leap from one side of the gorge to the other, creating the name Tiger Leaping Gorge


Tiger Leaping Gorge

Trek through one of the world’s most spectacular and deepest gorges. Visit an ancient historical town and discover Yunnan’s ethnic minorities.

Explore Lijiang’s ancient and picturesque Old Town listed as a UNESCO¬†World Heritage site

Experience Trekking through amazing Tiger Leaping Gorge

Discover China’s fascinating ethnic minorities and rich cultural diversity

Take part in a spectacular cliff hike over raging whitewater and the source of the Yangtze


Shangri-La Tibetan Expedition

Take part in a high-altitude trekking expedition on the Tibetan border (with a 4,000+ meter summit climb)

Explore the fabled Shangri-La Old Town and one of China’s most significant Tibetan Buddhist Temples

Take part in a service exchange project at a local Tibetan orphanage

Discover many of Yunnan’s ethnic minorities and experience the province’s rich cultural diversity

Trek through challenging and breathtaking gorges and mountain terrain