Milk Po

APA Outdoor Shop Retail & Wholesale Manager

Milk enjoys sports and being outdoors is a big part of her life, she is an absolute sports lover! You will find her training in yoga, swimming, at the gym or hiking during the weekend – she believes that sports can make life so much better!

Milk joined APA Group in 2014 and manages retail, wholesale and product development at our retail store. She is proud to be a part of the APA family because of the APA shared values and its ambition towards making sports accessible to many.

The APA shop is not only a retail store but also a leader in coaching a healthier lifestyle. We try to introduce and promote our wide range of water-sports to those who are new or experienced to the outdoors.

We care a lot about customer satisfaction and like to see more and more people engaging in sports and appreciation of the outdoors. We also love seeing them become friends of APA Outdoor Shop!