Tsang Siu Keung, Stone

Sport: Trail Running
Nationality: Chinese, resident of Hong Kong

Born and raised in a small town in Mainland China, Stone moved to Hong Kong as a teenager and has become one of the most successful trail runners in Asia over the past decade.   Stone is a two-time top 10 finisher of the Ultra Trail World Tour and is the top Chinese finisher in the history of the UTMB, the world’s most competitive Ultra Trail race. He has finished in the UTMB’s top 20 overall on multiple occasions, and was the Overall Champion of Europe’s Ultra Trail Mount Rosa in 2017. When not training, racing, or embracing fatherhood, Stone works as a Motorcycle Paramedic helping to treat casualties and save lives throughout Hong Kong.

  • Top 10 Ultra Trail World Tour x 2 (8th and 10th) – Global

  • Overall Champion Ultra Trail Mount Rosa (UTMR) – Europe

  • 18th place x 3 – UTMB (World Tour) – Europe

  • 11th place UTMF (World Tour) – Japan

  • 2nd place Vibram HK100 – Hong Kong

  • 1st place The North Face 100 – Hong Kong

  • 4 x King Of The Hills Overall Series Champion – Hong Kong

  • 1st place Trailwalker 100Km – Hong Kong

  • 1st place Action Asia Challenge – Hong Kong

  • 1st place Lantau 2 Peaks Mountain Run – Hong Kong

  • 1st place x 2 and record holder 65km Round the Island trail run – Hong Kong

  • 1st place x 4 times and record holder Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail 78Km – Hong Kong

  • 2nd place International Gobi March 250Km – China