Arjun Kulung

Sport: Trail Running
Nationality: Nepal

Arjun is one of the breakout local stars of the Nepalese trail running scene for the last couple of years, but has had no opportunity to race outside the country or have sponsor support until 2023. Arjun got his first taste of trail running near his home in the Mt. Everest Mountain Marathon and was soon hooked. After a few years, he won the prestigious race, moved to Katmandu and started making the podium of nearly every race at every distance he entered.

Arjun’s home village is in the shadow of Mt. Everest. He is part of the ‘Rai’ people who are one of the oldest mountain tribes in Nepal. He started working as a porter for trekking groups at the age of 14 in Solu Khumbu region and after 10 years entered his first trail running race.

  • 6th place Val d’Aran by UTMB® 2023 – Experiéncia d’Aran – EXP – Spain

  • 1st place Fishtail 100 Ultra 2023 – 50K – Nepal

  • 1st place Pokhara Trail Race Series 2023 – Panchase 55K – Nepal

  • 1st place Manaslu Trail Race – Nepal