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Camp APA stands as a core sub division within the Asia Pacific Adventure Group, dedicated to providing transformative experiences through outdoor activities. Our focal points encompass organizing programs during school holidays, private camps, and other private events. With over 20 years of expertise in youth experiential education across Hong Kong and Asia, Camp APA draws from Asia Pacific Adventure’s extensive experience in environmental education, fostering social-emotional learning opportunities, and pioneering industry standards in risk management and safety protocols. This accumulated knowledge ensures that all Camp APA programs maintain exceptional value while upholding the highest safety standards.

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Our Camp APA programs are meticulously crafted to empower young individuals with lifelong skills, fostering a profound connection with the outdoors. We firmly believe that the key to this transformation lies in exploring breathtaking locations with inspiring individuals, engaging in remarkable experiences that foster personal growth.

On every Camp APA program, participants embark on a journey to acquire new skills, forge meaningful connections, and behold awe-inspiring sights. All activities are conducted with an unwavering focus on safety while ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable experience for every participant.


At Camp APA, our philosophy revolves around aligning the camper’s growth with the program’s evolution. Each summer brings an opportunity for returning campers to build upon existing skills while exploring novel activities. This dynamic approach ensures that every Camp APA experience is unique, offering a fresh perspective and new challenges each year.

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Asia Pacific Adventure boasts over two decades of leadership in outdoor education, skills training, adventure sport event management, and technical consulting across Asia. Our reputation for managing programs and events with an unwavering commitment to safety and professionalism is unparalleled. As pioneers in risk and safety management, we’ve extensively collaborated with numerous schools and organizations, setting benchmarks through our standards, protocols, and best practices.

The members of APA’s management staff and delivery team hold diverse qualifications from internationally recognized governing bodies, including the British Canoeing and Mountain Leader Training Board (MLTB), the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association (NZOIA), and the US-based Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA).


In all Camp APA programs, safety is our FIRST and foremost priority!



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Experience the Transformation

At Camp APA’s Outdoor Youth Adventure Camps, we foster a unique environment where young individuals thrive. Our immersive programs offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond just outdoor activities.

Empowering Growth: Through meticulously curated activities, we instill lifelong skills in participants, fostering resilience, leadership, and teamwork in an exhilarating outdoor setting.

Unforgettable Memories: Camp APA’s camps are not just about learning; they are about creating lasting memories. From conquering new challenges to forming deep connections, every moment at our camps becomes a cherished memory.

Confidence Building: Our programs provide a safe space for individuals to step out of their comfort zones, encouraging personal growth and boosting self-confidence in an environment that celebrates individual achievements.

Nature’s Classroom: We believe in the transformative power of nature. Campers learn to appreciate the outdoors, developing a deeper understanding and respect for the environment.

Expert Guidance and Safety: Led by certified professionals with a wealth of experience, our camps prioritize safety without compromising on the thrill and excitement of outdoor adventures.

Join us at Camp APA’s Outdoor Youth Adventure Camps and witness the remarkable transformation that unfolds amidst nature’s grandeur. Embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, cultivates lifelong skills, and creates unforgettable moments!


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