Prashant Sharma

Camp APA – Department Head

Prashant currently manages Camp APA, the open enrolment division of APA Group. He hails from a mountain town called Darjeeling(2,042mtrs) in India which is world renowned for their TEA. The outdoors has been a playground since childhood and some of his favourite things to do were exploring the forests and swinging tree vines like tarzan with his friends. He is very passionate about experiential education and loves working with children.

He has climbed on a competitive level on Sports Climbing at state and National levels in India. He finished his mountaineering training, started his career as an Instructor and has gone up to 6,000 meters in the Himalayas. He has extensively worked in the experiential education industry with various organizations in India, South East Asia and Hong Kong over the past 15 years managing various roles and projects.

He holds keen interest in wilderness first aid and is Wilderness First Responder(WFR) from NOLS Wilderness Medicine. He has developed great interests on watersports over the past years and holds Sheltered water kayaking Coach Level 2 from British Canoe. He is also a qualified Open water diver from PADI.

Trail running, rock climbing, Stand Up paddleboarding, Kayaking are some of his favourite outdoor sports. Prashant holds a personal interest in motorbiking and is his preferred mode of transport during his travels.