Anthony Barrett

Operations Manager

Originally from the UK, Anthony is a keen outdoor enthusiast with a passion for working with groups of all ages.

Anthony has over a decade of outdoor industry experience, teaching and facilitating a broad range of age groups, as well as, program managing a variety of programs and locations. Having worked across three different continents, Anthony has developed a balanced approach to the cultural sensitivities and needs of others and brings a dynamic approach to all levels of facilitation and program management. He thrives on learning new ways of doing things so he can add more elements to his ever expanding personal toolbox.

With experience and qualifications in climbing, mountaineering, white-water paddling and wilderness expedition first aid, Anthony considers himself a jack of all trades and particularly enjoys developing new program locations and designing programs that maximise the experiential outcomes of his groups.

After several years with APA, Anthony has more recently taken on a role with the senior team as an Operations Manager in APA’s Youth Division.