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Rock n’ Water Week Senior

5 Days

Age: 11 – 14

Price: HKD 4,880

Duration: 5 days

Meeting Location: Central Pier 6

Drop off: 8:30am  

Pick up: 5:00pm

Week 1:

Date: 29 March – 2 April, 2021

Week 2:

Date: 5 – 9 April, 2021

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Monday – Coasteering on Lamma Island

After meeting at Central Pier 6 we will get the ferry out to Lamma Island for a day of coastal exploration. We will start off the day with some basic navigation techniques before beginning our adventure. The focus of the day will be to coasteer around a section of the island. This will include navigating through lesser known walking trails, scrambling across the boulders of the coastline, and playing games on the secluded beaches that can only be accessed by coasteering. The day will finish with a ferry trip back to Central.

Tuesday – Rock Climbing and Rope Skills on Lamma Island

Today will be spent out on Lamma developing our rock climbing and roping skills. We will get a private bus from Central Pier 6 over to Aberdeen where we will hop on a ferry to Lamma Island. There will be two main sessions on the day. One will be a climbing and belaying session. Here participants will learn climbing techniques as well as how to use belay systems to keep each other same. The second session will be learning how to set up anchor systems for rock climbing and other high element activities. Following these sessions the group may have some time for some games on the beach before getting on the ferry to head Central Pier 4.

Wednesday – Giant SUP and Mangrove Exploration in Sai Kung

After meeting at Central Pier 6 we will journey by private bus up to Sai Kung for a day on the water. The group will learn how to work together to paddle and control a Giant Stand Up Paddleboard. We will use the GSUP to play games and go on a short journey. Afterwards we will explore some of the mangrove forests that can be found in Sai Kung, learning about the plants and animals that make up this unique ecosystem. After some further exploration and beach games we will make our way back to Central Pier 6 by private bus.

Thursday – High Elements on Tung Lung Chau

Today will be about putting the skills learnt on Tuesday into action. We will journey out to Tung Lung Chau via junk. Here the participants will have some options as to what high element activities they wish to pursue. They can choose between various climbing and abseiling sites. This decision will be determined by their experience on Tuesday, the weather on the day, and the skills within the group. With supervision and assistance from the Camp APA staff, some participants may have the opportunity to help set up the climbing or abseiling safety systems. After the day of high elements the group will return to Central Pier 6 by junk.

Friday – Gorge Trekking in the NE New Territories

After meeting at Central Pier 6 we will journey by private bus up to the North Eastern New Territories to one of the many gorges in the area. The exact gorge will depend on the weather and water levels on the day. We will begin the day with some basic navigation instruction including map reading and compass use. As we navigate through the gorge the participants will learn how to scramble and spot each other, keeping themselves and their teammates safe. Once we get out of the gorge we will do some survival skills including shelter building before getting back on the bus to head back to Central Pier 6.