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Navigator Winter Rescue camp
(5 Days 2 Nights)

Age: 13 – 15

Price: HKD 6,980

Duration: 5 days 2 nights

Meeting location: Central Pier 7

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Dates: 19 – 23 Dec 2022

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Navigator Camps are designed for the age group to improve their technical and soft skills as they progress through the week. They will navigate through different areas of Hong Kong using Teamwork, Leadership, Resilience and risk-taking are some of the aspects they will build on throughout the week.

Itinerary (Navigator Winter Rescue camp – 5 Days 2 Nights)

Ap Lei Pai – Abseiling, Coasteering & Tyrolean  

Participants will head to the deserted island of Ap Lei Pai near Aberdeen for three different activities.They will hike to the rock climbing areas, and do some coasteering, scrambling on boulders and rocks while following the coastline. Participants will receive a thorough safety briefing on high elements activities and put on helmets and harnesses. They will abseil down sea cliffs, as well as challenge themselves with the Tyrolean Traverse, traversing between two cliffs.

Kau Keng – Rock Scramble & Fixed Lines

Participants will head to Kau Keng in the North West New Territories for an exciting day of rock scrambling and fixed lines. This involves hiking on wild trails, scrambling on big granite boulders. APA staff will lay fixed lines along steep sections, for additional safety. Kau Keng mountain offers sweeping views of the sea above Gold Coast and the rolling hills of Tai Lam country Park.

Tung Lung Chau – Abseiling & Rock Climbing.

Participants will take a junk to Tung Lung Chau, guarding the Eastern approach to Hong Kong. They will pitch tents and camp for two nights on a grassy peninsula, with great views of the sea.
This is a wild and beautiful volcanic island, featuring some of Hong Kong’s best rock climbing spots. Participants will experience abseiling down a sea cliff. They will climb a variety of routes on steep cliffs, to the sound of crashing waves.


Tung Lung Chau – Tyrolean & First Aid

On their second day on the island, participants will challenge themselves with a more challenging Tyrolean Traverse, traversing between two cliffs. Participants will also learn core principles of first aid in a wilderness setting..

Tung Lung – Leadership & Rope Rescue Challenge

On their third day on Tung Lung, participants will develop more advanced skills in both first aid and climbing, culminating with a rope rescue challenge. They will test their teamwork and leadership under pressure, in a wild and beautiful setting. They will take a junk back to Central, concluding five days of adventure in some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful spots.