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Marine Exploration Summer Camp

Ages: 15-17

Price: USD 1,550 (Flight not included)

Deadline: 22 May 2023

Duration: 7 Days

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Service Hours: 12 Hours (minimum)

Accommodation: Guest house, in Olango Island

Program Nature: Sea Adventure, Culture Immersion, Service, Environmental Awareness


July: 1-7, 10-16 (We will open second date after the first program is confirmed.)

Program Meeting point: Mactan-Cebu International Airport (APA staff will be waiting on arrival)

Program Ending point: Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Departure back to point of origin)

Program Outcomes




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Program available for Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

If you’d like to join but are not from the country listed, please email camp@apa.co

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“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– Christopher Robin

Itinerary (Marine Exploration Summer Camp)

Day 1

i) Meet up at Mactan-Cebu International Airport to officially start the program!

ii) Van transfer to accommodation

iii) Team meetings and initiative activities

iv) Skills Test (Swimming & Snorkeling) [it is ok if you are not a swimmer]

v) Dinner and evening activity

vi) Overnight at Casablanca in Olango Island

Day 2

i) Introduction to Marine Ecosystem

ii) Snorkel around Olango Reef

iii) Fish and coral identification

iv) Learn about corals of opportunity

v) Dinner and evening activities

Day 3

i) Introduction to Bangka Paddling

ii) Develop Bangka paddling skills & techniques

iii) Meeting local fishermen & check what is caught

iv) Paddle through the mangroves

v) Dinner and evening activities

Day 4

i) Transfer to Asinan Village and meet local community

ii) Introduction to environmental service – Mangrove Survey

iii) Mangrove identification, planting, and exploration

iv) Local Shell Craft making

v) Dinner & Review

vi) Night snorkeling!

Day 5

i) Marine Reef and Coral Restoration Service Project

ii) Corals of opportunity collection

iii) Students help to build artificial Reef

iv) Planting artificial coral reefs

v) Dinner and evening review at the Marine Protected Area

Day 6

i) Bangka Journey Briefing

ii) Learn route planning & using sea charts

iii) Explore various island & Snorkel

iv) Dinner and evening review

Day 7

i) Early morning snorkeling

ii) Final reviews

iii) Boat transfer back to Mactan Island

iv) Van transfer to airport for flight departure


Overseas Questions & Answers

Program Questions

CAMP APA will send out an email to all participants confirming the program.

For Overseas programs:-

  • Upon payment of the program fee, 75% of payment is a non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellation by participants more than 60 calendar days of program commencement results in a refund of 25% of the program fee.
  • APA will not make any refund of program price for cancellations 30 or less calendar days of program commencement.
  • If a participant leaves during a program, for any reason, no refund or partial refunds will be made for any remaining portion of the program.

We encourage parents to stay distance and refrain from making contact with their kid during program for a few reasons:

  • Staying present during the program
  • Reducing the chance of homesickness
  • Reducing the chance of stress from miscommunications and out of context mishaps.
  • Distractions and affective other participants experience.
  • Negatively impacting the facilitators job.

If you would like to reach out to your child, please contact our parent hotline, which will be given out prior to the program. Here, you can contact our staff to help answer and solve any issues that may arise.


Travel Questions

Once the oversea program is confirmed, Camp APA will notify parents and provide a list of recommended flights to book. Please do not book ahead of time and wait for Camp APA’s signal.

Camp APA will send out an email to notify parents of the safety of their kids’ arrival and signal the start of the program.

Participants departing from the same country to Camp APA’s program location are recommended to travel together, and this is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new friends.


Questions Prior Departure

Please refer to the information packet pdf file, there you will find the packing list. If you do not have it please email camp@apa.co

Students are allowed to bring phones but we ask students to refrain from using their phones besides taking pictures to be present on program and not affect the group. There will be some down time for them where they can update their parents.

Before departing, please check whether a visa is required for the participant to enter or exit the particular country you will be visiting. CAMP APA will not be responsible for purchasing and handling visas.

Participants that join our overseas programs must purchase travel insurance along with their flight ticket. If you’re not sure which insurance to buy please email camp@apa.co



Yes, every staff member is required to be at least first aid certified. Most staff will be Wilderness First Responder Certified.

Members of APA’s management staff and delivery team have a broad range of qualifications from internationally recognized governing bodies such as the British Canoe and Mountain Leader Training Board (MLTB), the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association (NZOIA) and US-based Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA). As well as this all new staff to APA must go through an induction program to ensure that their skills and knowledge are at a high standard.

Our safety ratios are based on the technicality and risk of each activity that we run on programs. Participants will be grouped into teams of up to 12 participants per team with 1 staff facilitator leading each team. For general land based and non-technical activities we operate on a ratio of 1 staff to 12 participants. For activities involving some technical elements such as hiking or gorge walking the ratio is 1 staff to 9 participants, where we will have additional staff supervising safety on activities. For technical activities involving water sports or high elements, the ratio will be 1 staff to 6 participants.



Contact Details

Tel: (852) 27927160

Email: camp@apa.co

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