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Explorer Winter Day Camp
(5 days)

Age: 7 – 9

Price: HKD 5,250

Duration: 5 days

Meeting location: Central Pier 9

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Dates: 19 Dec – 23 Dec 2022

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Exploration is curiosity put into action.

Don Walsh

The Explorer Camps are designed for younger children to explore nature and the outdoors with old and new friends. They learn new skills, explore their natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining knowledge and experience. While in camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence.

The exact order of activity days and locations may vary for each individual camp and registered participants should refer to the itinerary in their Information Pack for the most accurate itinerary.

Itinerary (Explorer Winter Day Camp – 5 days)

Shing Mun Reservoir – Pioneering & WWII Tunnel Exploration 

Participants start the day in the lush forests of Shing Mun country park, at the foot of Hong Kong’s tallest mountain. APA staff will guide participants along a well-preserved section of WWII tunnels. There’s plenty to explore, including storage rooms, trenches, and fortifications. Once they get to open ground, participants will learn the basics of pioneering – building small structures with rope and bamboo.

Clearwater Bay – Mini Coasteering & Beach Treasure Hunt

Participants will head to Clearwater Bay, featuring fine sandy beaches and spectacular cliffs. Today will be a day to test their balance and teamwork. Mini Coasteering is a great way to explore a stretch of rugged coastline. Participants put on helmets and use their hands and feet to scramble on rocks and boulders, staying close to the shoreline. There’s plenty of time to have fun, play games, and to go on a Beach treasure hunt

Shek O – Survival & Tyrolean 

Participants will head to the Shek O, a short walk away from the popular white sand beach. After going through a helmet and harness safety session, participants will tackle an exhilarating challenge on the Tyrolean traverse, where participants traverse across from one cliff to the next. The day is also an opportunity to get hands-on experience of a variety of survival activities.

Tai Shui Hang – Gorge walk & River boat challenge

Participants will head to Tai Shui Hang, where a mountain stream has carved a steep, deep valley. Participants will put on helmets and learn techniques for a gorge walk. They will work together as a team to scramble safely on rocky terrain, clambering over big granite boulders. They will discover unique flora and fauna that reside within this hidden ecosystem. There are multiple clear mountain pools – the perfect place to build and race small river boats.

Tai Tam Scout Centre – Low Ropes Course & Bouldering 

On this day, participants head to Tai Tam Scout Center, with its large grassy fields, surrounded by lush hills. They will tackle the Low Ropes Course. Working as a team, they will try to complete a series of challenges, walking on wooden beams, balancing on steel cables, while trying to avoid obstacles. Teams decide on the best strategy and have to establish clear communication. The second activity is bouldering on a low climbing wall. This is a great way to get comfortable with all basic climbing techniques. The goal is to complete a variety of routes, most of them going sideways.