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Winter Overnight Camp

Age: 7 – 9

Duration: 5 days 2 nights

Price: HKD 5,880

Drop off: 8:30am Central Pier 7(Sun, Mon, Tue)

Pick up: 5:00pm Central Pier 7(Sun, Mon, Thu)

Overnight: 2 nights only (Tue & Wed nights)

Accommodation: Dorm rooms with air conditioning (4 participants per room)

Dorm Location: Tai mei tuk Bradbury Hostel, Tai Po

Explorer Winter Overnight Camp – 5 days 2 nights

Date: 19-23 December 2021

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Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.

Thomas Berry

The Explorer Overnight Camp is designed for younger age groups to help ease them into overnight stays away from their parents. The program will include both high elements as well as water activities where campers will develop new skills, explore the natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. While in camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence in the company of their new and old friends.

Itinerary (Overnight Camp)

Day 1 

Teams will make their way inside Lamma Island for a day of exploring and fun team activities where they will engage in challenges developed to promote their social skills as well as getting to know their new teammates. Participants will learn pioneering skills where they will build structure using bamboo and strings. They would also engage in doing some craft making on the day. Participants will also get to explore the island while hiking through the beautiful landscape of Lamma.

Day 2 

Teams will spend the day in Shek O, taking part in 2 activity rotations through the day.  One team will head to the highland and climb natural rocks while enjoying the scenic beauty of the open ocean around. The other team will spend their time learning about survival skills. They will learn how to build and start fire, they will also practice building shelter using tarps and natural materials.


Day 3 

Participants will bring their bring bag and head to Tai mei tuk for their 1st overnight stay. Once settled, the group will head to Sam Mun Tsai area to explore the special area of ma Shi chau. They will get to study the natural surroundings and the geological importance of the area. They will also hike around the area to find out about the flora and fauna in the region. Participants then will back their accommodation to retire for the night.

Day 4

The group will head over to Training for Life for a day of high element activities. The high ropes course offers activities such as: Jacob’s Ladder, High Beam and Sky walk. These activities will not only challenge participants’ physical boundaries but also their mental boundaries. Teams will have the chance to enjoy these activities for the full day before heading back to the accommodation.


Day 5 

On the final day, teams will complete individual and team based physical and intellectual challenges in Tai mei tuk. Participants will complete various challenges to earn as many tokens as possible. In return the teams will use the tokens to exchange building materials to build, design and create a secret device for their teams.  Challenge ends with a presentation of each teams’ secret device as well as a competition between each of the creations on their practicality and usage. Participants then will head back to Central to reunite with their loved ones.