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Overnight Camp

Age: 7 – 9

Price: HKD 6,080

Duration: 5 Days 2 Nights

Meeting Location: Central Pier No. 7

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Accommodation: Mount Davis – YHA Jockey Club Youth Hostel (2 nights only)

Accommodation type: Hostel Dormitories with air-conditioning (4 persons per room)



27 June – 1 July


18 – 22 July


8 – 12 August

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Every explorer I have met has been driven—not coincidentally but quintessentially—by curiosity, by a single-minded, insatiable, and even jubilant need to know.

Jacques Yves Cousteau 

The Explorer Camps are designed for younger ones to explore nature and the outdoors with old and new friends. They learn new skills, explore the natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining knowledge and experience. While on Camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence in the company of their friends.

Itinerary (Explorer Overnight Camp)

Day 1 

Teams will head to Shek O for their first day of adventure. The day will start off with ice-breaking activities as they engage in creative challenges developed to promote their social skills as well as getting to know their new teammates. Teams will then learn to coasteer along the rocky shoreline before arriving at Shek O Beach where they will finish the day off with a refreshing beach swim. Participants will return to Central Pier for pickup at the end of the day.

Day 2 

Teams will go to Tai Tam Waterfront for a day of discovering mangroves and freshwater pools. They will learn about the importance of mangroves and their unique features, while taking a dip in the freshwater pools nearby. During the day participants will learn different outdoor survival skills including how to build a shelter from basic materials. Participants will return to Central Pier for pickup at the end of the day.

Day 3 

Teams will spend the day at Pok Fu Lam Reservoir where they will explore a hidden gorge. Before embarking on the gorge walk, students will learn how to safely walk and scramble across rocky terrain. Along the way, they will develop navigation skills and learn how to make their way around the country park using a map. In the afternoon, the group will then head to their overnight accommodation at Mount Davis for the night. After arriving at the accommodation and showering, participants will help with dinner preparations before an evening activity and settling into dorms.

Day 4

After breakfast at the accommodation, teams will head to Deep Water Bay for the day. They will take part in a coastal walk and complete various challenges along the way. At the beach, they will learn to paddle as a team on the Giant Stand up Paddleboard and race each other on the water. Participants will paddle out for a mini-journey along the coastline. The group will then return to their accommodation for their second night in dorms.

Day 5 

After breakfast on the final day, participants will engage in an adventure around the Mount Davis area, exploring the ruins of the WWII Battery and taking part in a root climbing activity. After learning fundamental climbing skills, participants will put on helmets and scale the roots of a tree. Teams will then finish up the day with various challenges that will test their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills developed throughout the week. Participants will return to Central Pier for pickup at the end of the day.