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Fall Overnight Camp

Age: 7 – 9

Price: HKD 5,880

Duration: 5 days 2 nights

Drop off: 8:30am(Mon, Tue, Wed) Central Pier 7

Pick up: 5:30pm(Mon, Tue, Fri) Central Pier 7

Accommodation: Dorm rooms with air conditioning (4 participants per room)

Dorm Location: Tung Tsz Scout Centre, 100 Tung Tsz Road, Ting Kok, Tai Po


Explorer Fall Overnight Camp – 11-15 October, 2021

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Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.

Thomas Berry 

The Explorer Camps are designed for younger ones to explore nature and the outdoors with old and new friends. They learn new skills, explore the natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining knowledge and experience. While on Camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence in the company of their friends.

Itinerary (Overnight Camp)

Day 1 & 2

Teams will spend the first two days in Shek O, taking part in a rotation consisting of rock climbing on a natural rock face and survival challenges. Teams will also learn more about ocean conservation and microplastics, and will do their part by spending a portion of the time cleaning up the local beach. The day will end with a variety of activities on the beach!

Day 3 & 4

Teams will bring with them their overnight gear in preparation for the next two evenings where they will stay overnight in Dorm style Rooms at Tung Tsz Scout Centre, Tai Po. Over the two days, teams will enjoy a day out on the Giant Stand-up Paddleboards in Tai Mei Tuk as well as a day in Bride’s Pool area where they will have the opportunity to create their own water filtration system and practice navigation skills while hiking the area.

Day 5 

On the final day, teams will utilize all the skills learned throughout the camp and work together to complete as many tasks as possible in our final day Star Challenge. The day’s activities will involve teams competing with each other and having fun to round off the week