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Day Camp

Age: 7 – 9

Price: HKD 5,180

Duration: 5 days

Meeting location: Central Pier 7

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm



20 – 24 June

27 June – 1 July


4 – 8 July

11 – 15 July

18 – 22 July

25 – 29 July


1 – 5 August

8 – 12 August

15 – 19 August

22 – 26 August

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Exploration is curiosity put into action.

Don Walsh

The Explorer Camps are designed for younger children to explore nature and the outdoors with old and new friends. They learn new skills, explore their natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining knowledge and experience. While in camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence.

Itinerary (Explorer Day Camp)

Day 1 

Teams will arrive at Big Wave Bay for a day of exploring and fun team activities where they will engage in challenges developed to promote their social skills as well as getting to know their new teammates. At the beach participants will also discuss environmental awareness, leave no trace principles and take part in a beach cleanup to set the tone for their week in the outdoors. The group will then enjoy a refreshing beach swim before heading back to Central in the afternoon.

Day 2 

Teams will head to Wu Kai Sha for a day of marine activities along the southern shores of the Tolo Harbour. Participants will learn to kayak along the sheltered bay of Wu Kai Sha Beach, practicing fundamental paddling skills and building their confidence in a kayak. At Starfish Bay, the group will explore a biodiversity hotspot and learn about the many unique natural habitats in the area that give rise to a variety of coastal species. Participants will also learn about the impact of human activity on these vulnerable habitats and discuss how we can best protect and conserve them for the future.

Day 3 

Teams will spend their day in Braemar Hill on Hong Kong Island to discover a beautiful freshwater stream. Before embarking on a stream walk, participants will learn how to walk and scramble safely on rocky terrain and work together as a team to arrive at their destination. Along the way, participants will learn the essential outdoor survival skill of how to build a fire using natural materials.

Day 4

Teams will depart for Lamma Island on the ferry from Central Pier. The group will take a short walk through Yung Shue Wan Village before arriving at a remote beach where they will spend their day doing water activities. Participants will learn to work together as a team to paddle on a Giant Stand up Paddleboard, as well as enjoy various team games on the water. They will then use their problem solving skills to design and build their own raft using basic materials. Teams will test their rafts and race each other on the water!

Day 5 

Teams will explore the northwestern coastline of Cafeteria Old Beach where they will take part in the Splash & Dash Challenge for the day. Teams will need to work together to complete various land and water-based tasks around the beach using the teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills developed over the week.