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CNY Day Camp – 3 Days

Age: 7 – 9

Duration: 3 days

Price: HKD 3,180

Drop off: 8:30am Central Pier 7

Pick up: 5:00pm Central Pier 7


29th – 31st Jan 2022

1st – 3rd Feb 2022

4th – 6th Feb 2022

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Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.

Thomas Berry

The Explorer Camps are designed for younger children to explore nature and the outdoors with old and new friends. They learn new skills, explore their natural surroundings and the wildlife around them while gaining knowledge and experience. While on camp, they will learn to be independent, organized and build self-confidence.

Itinerary (Day Camp)

Day 1 

Teams will make their way into Lamma Island for a day of exploring and fun team activities where they will engage in challenges developed to promote their social skills as well as getting to know their new teammates. Participants will do an exploration hike on Ling Kok shan, known as the second highest peak on Lamma Island and end the adventurous day by taking a ferry from Sok Kwu Wan pier back to Central.

Day 2 

Teams will head to Monkey buttress from central pier, a famous and easily accessible rock climbing location on Hong Kong Island where students will be engaged in climbing as well as arts and crafts creation for a full day. The participants will have the opportunities to put on helmets and learn various skills through climbing this natural crag face in the heart of the city.

Day 3 

Teams will depart for Clear water bay. The groups will coasteer a section of a coastline in Clear Water Bay and end up in a secluded beach. The hike continues passing through a stream on the way back to the top. The teams would be utilising the skills from the day before to scramble through the stream with the added element of water. As they progress through the day, they would get an opportunity to learn about the water cycle and try their hand on making water filters on their own. They will also get the chance to refurbish kites and fly them on the grassland.