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Navigator Marine Ecology Day Camp

Age:  13 – 15

Duration: 5 days

Drop off: 8:30am Central Pier 9  


Navigator Marine Ecology Day Camp 1 – 12th July-16th July, 2021

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“The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves…”

– Robert Wayland

The Marine Navigator Ecology program focuses on marine life on earth, its importance to the environment and the current issues we are facing. While developing different water skills, participants will explore the local coral communities in a marine reserve, learn about fish farming and our seafood industry. They will gain more understanding about life underwater and enjoy its beauty along the way.

Itinerary (Day Camp)

Day 1 

In the beautiful landscape of Sai Kung, teams will kick off the day with fun team activities while learning about each other and improving their social skills. At the beach, participants will learn and practice water safety skills. Afternoon they will learn how to paddle Giant Stand Up Paddleboard (GSUP). They will paddle, race, and enjoy the water on the GSUP. They will learn snorkeling skills and snorkel the local reef protected area. The day is full of paddling, exploration and fun.

Day 2 

To start the day off, participants will learn kayaking and navigation skills to help them navigate the waters on their own kayaks. They will explore nearby marine reserve areas and snorkel to identify marine species, while recording any useful data from their underwater survey.

Day 3 

On this day participants will head to Sai Kung. They will hop in their kayak and paddle to Yim Tin Tsai to learn about the salt production in the area. From there they will paddle further to local fish farms to understand more about the seafood import industry. Day full of exploration, paddling and gaining new information.

Day 4 

On this day they head to one of the islands in the boat and bring along the Giant Stand Up Paddleboards (GSUP). As they arrive by the island, they will navigate around the island on their GSUP with friends to explore and study the geology of the area. They will also snorkel to check out the local species in the surrounding. Another day full of paddling, navigation, exploration, and fun.

Day 5

To finish the week, teams will have to travel around Sai Kung area to explore the seafood market and gather information and gain points. Here they will have to apply all the knowledge gained throughout the week and their leadership and communication skills to function efficiently as a team. They will end at the beach to celebrate the week.