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Adventurer Winter Overnight Camp
(5 days 4 nights)

Age:     10 – 12

Price: HKD 6,980

Duration:   5 days 4 nights

Meeting Location: Central Pier No. 8

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm 

Dates: 19 Dec – 23 Dec 2022

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“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.”

– JRR Tolkien

Our focus is on strengthening participants’ sense of adventure and enjoying the great outdoors of Hong Kong. As participants progress through different outdoor activities, they would build self-awareness, self-confidence and improve their social skills.

The exact order of activity days and locations may vary for each individual camp and registered participants should refer to the itinerary in their Information Pack for the most accurate itinerary.


Itinerary (Adventurer Winter Overnight Camp 5 days 4 nights)

Pak Tam Chung – Campcraft & Archery, Kayak Skills

Participants will drop their bags at their dorms near the entrance of Sai Kung country park. This will be their base for four nights and five days of adventures. The first day is a mix of land and water activities. Participants will learn about campcraft and basic survival skills. The ancient sport of archery requires patience and precision to try and hit the bull’s eye. The center gives access to a sheltered bay, which is a great place to work on kayak skills. They will explore extensive mangroves and small islands in the area.

Sai Kung Bays – Kayak journey

Participants will prepare for an all-day adventure. They will go on a kayak journey to the island of Yim Tin Tsai, part of the UNESCO Geopark. The island used to be home to a thriving community of Hakka settlers. They built salt pans, that still produce mineral-rich natural sea salt. The island is also famous for its Roman Catholic chapel built in 1890. The island is also home to an extensive mangrove system.

Pak Tam – Navigation & Hike, Rock climbing

Today is a day of land activities, and an introduction to High Elements. Participants will work on their navigation skills, working with maps and compasses. They will go on a hike in Sai Kung country Park. After a safety briefing, they will put on helmets and harnesses and head to the natural rock climbing site.

Hau Tong Kai – Gorge Walk

Participants will head to Hau Tong Kai in Sai Kung country park, where a mountain stream has carved a pretty gorge. They will put on helmets and learn specific techniques for a gorge walk. Working together as a team, they will scramble on rocky terrain, clambering over big boulders. The gorge has very distinctive sections, starting with large boulders, before opening up into a flat section with beautiful views of the mountains. They will discover the unique flora and fauna that reside within this remote and fragile ecosystem.

Tsam Chuk Wan – Hike & Pagoda Reflections

Participants will take their navigation skills to the next level on this all-day hike. They will go past abandoned Hakka villages, cross mountain streams and up to the Thousand Island viewpoint overlooking the islands surrounding Sai Kung Bay. Working as a team, they will find their way up and down mountain trails. At the end of the hike they will arrive at a stunning Pagoda with panoramic sea views where they will share their reflections on their week of experiences.