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Fall Overnight Camp

Age:     10 – 12

Price: HKD 6,780

Duration:   5 days 4 nights

Drop off: 8:30am(Mon) Central Pier 8 

Pick up: 5:30pm(Fri) Central Pier 8

Accommodation: Dorm rooms with air conditioning (4 participants per room)

Dorm Location: Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp, Sai Kung


Adventurer Fall Overnight Camp – 11-15 October, 2021

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“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.”

– JRR Tolkien

The Adventurer Overnight Program focuses on strengthening participants’ sense of adventure and enjoying the great outdoors of Hong Kong. As participants progress through different outdoor activities, they would build self-awareness, self-confidence and improve their social skills.

Itinerary (Overnight Camp)

Day 1 

Adventurers will come prepared on this day for four overnight stays over the next five days. Teams will head into a secluded island campsite Wong Yi Chau just outside of Sai Kung where we will be spending the evenings in air-conditioned dorm style rooms. On the first day the teams will take part in a variety of team-based challenges including pioneering and campcraft.


Day 2 

Participants will spend the day on kayaks exploring the local area. The teams will also learn important kayaking skills as well as enjoying different kayaking games. If time permits we will head off to nearby bays and beaches as well as mangroves.

Day 3 

The group will head over to Fei Ngo Shan for a day of high element activities. The high ropes course offers activities such as: Jacob’s Ladder, High Beam and a Climbing Wall. Teams will have the chance to enjoy these activities for the full day before heading back to the campsite.

Day 4 

Teams will venture to the famous Lok Wu Gorge on this day where they will spend the day enjoying the remote outdoors and cool off in the rockpools. To get to the gorge, teams will need to take a scenic hike to the location where they will get a full view of the South China Sea as well as parts of High Island Reservoir.


Day 5 

On the final day, teams will complete individual and team based physical and intellectual challenges to earn tokens. In turn the teams will use the tokens to exchange building materials to create a secret device. Challenge ends with a presentation of each teams’ secret device as well as a competition between each of the creations.