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Fall Day Camp

Age:     10 – 12

Duration:   5 days

Price: HKD 5,080

Drop off: 8:30am Central Pier 8 

Pick up: 5:30pm  Central Pier 8 


Adventurer Fall Day Camp – 11-15 October, 2021

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“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.”

– JRR Tolkien

Our focus is on strengthening participants’ sense of adventure and enjoying the great outdoors of Hong Kong. As participants progress through different outdoor activities, they would build self-awareness, self-confidence and improve their social skills.

Itinerary (Day Camp)

Day 1 

Participants will head into Lamma Island for their first day of adventure. The day will start off with ice-breaking activities where participants will get a chance to meet their teammates. We will spend the afternoon Coasteering the edge of Lamma Island which offers a great view of the Lamma coastline as well as Ha Mei Wan.

Day 2 & 3

Groups will spend days 2 and 3 in Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung. Over the two days they will be exploring the local coastline on Giant Stand-up Paddleboards as well as exploring the local marine life via snorkelling. There will also be activities on the beach in the form of pioneering and shelter building to round off the day.

Day 4 & 5

Days 4 and 5 will be on Tung Lung Island where groups will take part in a series of high element challenges on a natural rock face. Tung Lung Island is a well known rock climbing site in Hong Kong and groups will get a chance to test their skills in both Rock Climbing and Tyrolean Traverse while enjoying an epic view of the South China Sea. There will also be a series of survival challenges to tackle on their day out on a remote island!