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Day Camp

Age:  13 – 15

Duration: 5 days 1 night

Drop off: 8:30am Central Pier 9  

Pick up: 5:00pm location: Central Pier 9  

Accommodation: Pak Sha Wan Scout Centre

Participants must provide their own lunch and snacks for Day 1 – 4. Dinner on Day 4 as well as breakfast and lunch on Day 5 will be provided by Camp APA.

Date: 2021 dates to be added soon

As our oldest age group, Navigators are given the chance to push themselves on land, in the water and in the sky. Leadership skills will be developed and friends made as Navigators help in a beach clean up, go kayaking and abseiling, and spend a night in Sai Kung.


Day 1Sai Kung Adventure Race

Learn to work as a team as you navigate your way through an adventure race in Sai Kung town. Finish at the beach for the final land and water tasks.

Day 2 – Abseil and Raft Rescue

Take a private junk out to a secluded island for a day of adventure. The group will start with a 15m abseil looking out over the South China Sea. Then they will construct a raft to rescue a stranded team member before getting the junk back to Hong Kong island.

Day 3 – Beach clean and snorkel

We will head deep into Sai Kung Country park to take part in a beach clean up project. After spending some time in the morning at the beach, we will walk over to beautiful Hoi Ha Wan to snorkel in the marine protected area.

Day 4 – Kayak Journey

The day will start with a kayak skill session in Sai Kung. The rest of the day will be spent undertaking a kayak journey around a number of uninhabited islands. 


Following the kayak journey the group will head to Pak Sha Wan where they will have a BBQ dinner before getting a well earned sleep in the dormitories. 

Day 5 – Gorge and Beach Party

After having breakfast at Pak Sha Wan the group will depart for Sai Wan. There they will spend the day exploring a gorge with beautiful swimming pools and rock jumps. They will also have the chance to play games on the beach and go boogie boarding in the waves.