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Navigator’s 5 Day Camps

Age: 13 – 15

Price: HKD 5,350

End of April – 10% OFF Early Bird Day camp price HKD 4,815

Meeting location: Central Pier 7

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Duration: 5 days


26-30 June

24-28 July

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Navigator Camps are designed for the age group to improve their technical and soft skills as they progress through the week. They will navigate through different areas of Hong Kong using Teamwork, Leadership, Resilience and risk-taking are some of the aspects they will build on throughout the week.

Itinerary (Navigator’s 5 Day Camps)

Team Initiative & Water Safety & Rescue – Lamma Island

On the first day of this fantastic day camp, you’ll set off to Lamma Island to start a number of enjoyable but important activities. The first activity will be a team initiative where you’ll learn more about the group and introduce yourself. As you’ll soon be on an expedition, you’ll be involved in water safety and rescue operations, therefore it’s important to be prepared for the worst. These activities will bring out the best in you in terms of working well with others and developing your ability to handle pressure. These techniques and solutions you’ll learn will remain available to you for the rest of your life.

SUP Skills & Snorkeling – Hoi Ha

To locate your snorkeling area, you’ll be traveling to Sai Kung on a short SUP trip. But before you go, you’ll engage in some enjoyable refresher activities for basic SUP abilities. Did you know that Hong Kong boasts a greater variety of coral than the Caribbean Sea? We occasionally fail to recognize Hong Kong’s uniqueness. You’ll learn the proper snorkeling techniques and information about the aquatic creatures that Hong Kong has to offer.

GSUP Journey – Lobster Bay > Green Egg Island

After a day of learning about and being on SUPs, you’ll be out on our Giant SUP which can fit up to 8 campers! We’ll set off for a journey from Lobster Bay to Green Egg Island. The main goals of this journey are to develop some general paddle strength, learn how to communicate positively, and become a more effective team player. Your skills will be put to the test today, and by the end of the paddle, you’ll be a cohesive team. The day will come to a close with some enjoyable group review activities on the sand.

Kayaking & Pier Jumping (Island hopping) – Tai Mong Tsai

The day will begin with exciting and fun team building exercises in Sai Kung’s scenic surroundings as participants get to know one another and develop their social skills. Nothing is more enjoyable in the summer than leaping into the cool water from a jetty. After learning the fundamentals of paddling, you’ll hop into one of our kayaks for an enjoyable day of paddling. Together with your new friends, you will paddle all day long, capping it off with some more jetty jumps.

SUP Final Journey – Starfish Bay

Navigators, it’s time to advance and develop your paddling abilities further. You will be tested on your ability to recall and build upon the Stand Up Paddling techniques you learned during the previous days of camp. You will go on a lovely paddling journey for the day exploring the Sai Kung seas and learn how to use SUPs even more effectively for longer distances. The day will come to a close with our last review exercise and the CAMP APA awards ceremony.