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Explorer’s Water Works Camp

Age: 7 – 9

Price: HKD 6,300

End of April – 10% OFF Early Bird Overnight price HKD 5,670

Meeting location: Central Pier 9

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Meal: Camp APA will provide meals from Day 3 dinner onwards.

Duration: 5 days


19-23 June

26-30 June

3-7 July

10-14 July

17-21 July

24-28 July

31 July – 4 Aug

7 -11 Aug

14-18 Aug

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Exploration is curiosity put into action.

Don Walsh

This Summer program is designed for “Explorers” looking to test themselves through fun, challenging activities and dive deep into Hong Kong’s beautiful outdoors. This camp will develop your social skills, build your self-confidence, and continue to improve your team-building skills.

Itinerary (Explorer’s Water Works Camp)

Team Initiative, Pier Jump & GSUP – Tai Tam Waterfront

To kick off our first overnight camp of the year with a bang, we’ll be heading to Tai Tam to do team initiative activities to introduce yourselves and get to know your fellow campers for the week! We’ll then head out to the water on our Giant Stand Up Paddle Boards to learn how to paddle as a team and compete in fun games. We’ll finish the day with your favorite, pier jumping! Following our water activities, we will return to the dorms, eat dinner, and then conclude our night activities.

Mangrove Eco & Stream Exploration – Tai Tam Waterfront

On this day, you’ll immerse yourself deeper into Hong Kong’s splendor by embarking on a stream excursion in Tai Tam. Along the journey, we’ll learn about Hong Kong’s ecology, especially mangroves in their native habitat, and their importance in our tropical ecosystems.

Snorkeling & Geology Exploration – Sharp Island

Explorers, it’s time to learn what creatures inhabit the ocean floor! Did you know that Hong Kong has more varieties of coral than the Caribbean Sea? Off the stunning coastline of Sharp Island, you’ll be snorkeling. We’ll learn about what we observed in the water and complete our review exercises before enjoying a lovely picnic on the beach for lunch. A geology exploration will be part of this awesome day as well, during which you will discover the significance of the various types of rocks and their importance.

Kayak & Raft Building – Tai Mei Tuk

You’ll spend the day engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities at Tai Mei Tuk beach. One of them is kayaking, where you’ll share a boat with a partner. The main principles of paddling, paddling with a partner, and handling rescue situations will all be covered. The day will be concluded with a raft-building competition. Your team will compete to build a viable raft out of the resources provided. To finish the challenge successfully, strong collaboration, cohesion, along with the paddling skills covered will be essential.

Beach Olympics & Beach Swim – Long Mei Beach

Our yearly summer beach olympics will be held on the last day of CAMP APA. The skills you’ve developed over the course of the week will be put to the test as you’ll compete in enjoyable team-building activities. We’ll take a few long breaks during the Olympics to cool off and go for short swims around the bay. The day will come to a close with our last review exercise and the CAMP APA awards ceremony.