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Adventurer’s Sea-Seekers Camp

Age: 10 – 12

Price: HKD 6,300

End of April – 10% OFF Early Bird Overnight price HKD 5,670

Meeting location: Central Pier 8

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm

Meal: All food including snack will be provided by Camp APA except for Day 1 lunch.

Duration: 5 days


19-23 June

26-30 June

3-7 July

10-14 July

17-21 July

24-28 July

31 July – 4 Aug

7 -11 Aug

14-18 Aug

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“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– Christopher Robin

Calling all Adventurers…It’s time to get outside and be one with nature. This Easter Camp will help you develop your sense of adventure and appreciate Hong Kong’s great outdoors. As you progress through different outdoor activities, you’ll build self-awareness and self-confidence and improve social skills.

Itinerary (Adventurer’s Sea-Seekers Camp)

Team Initiative, Raft Building

On the first day, you’ll travel to the campground for orientation and settle in before commencing team activities and icebreakers to get to know your teammates and the APA staff. You will next begin to become acquainted with the various knots that can be tied using various types of ropes. After we are confident, we will form groups to begin our APA raft building activity. Let’s hope your ship doesn’t go down!

Gorge Exploration

The group will travel to a gorge close to Hau tong Kai. After the safety briefing, you will experience challenges including boulder climbing, rocky terrain walking, and learning about natural water filtering. You will return to the campground once we have reached the end of the gorge and start setting up for dinner and the evening’s activities.

Kayaking Skills & Journey

On this day, you will study more about paddle skills in depth. While kayaking, they will also need to improve their communication, collaboration, and teamwork abilities. We will depart towards the islands surrounding Sai Kung. We may even go above and beyond if the group feels capable. Following that, we’ll return to the campsite to begin preparing dinner and prepare for the night activities.

GSUP & Snorkeling

You will go on a brief SUP trip in the waters off Sai Kung in order to find your snorkeling destination. Nonetheless, you’ll partake in some exciting refresher exercises for fundamental SUP abilities before you go. Did you know that the coral in Hong Kong is more varied than that in the Caribbean Sea? On occasion, we fail to appreciate Hong Kong’s uniqueness. You’ll get knowledge about Hong Kong’s marine fauna as well as the necessary snorkeling techniques.

Team Challenges & Rocket Building

You’ll be participating part in a number of fun and competitive team-building activities on this day. One of the major events will be the opportunity for you to learn and collaborate with others to construct your own rocket! You’ll be competing against your fellow campers to see who can launch their ship the highest and who is the world’s best APA Rock Scientist. You learn how to collaborate, communicate, and successfully lead a team during the entire day. The day will finally come to a close with the presentation of certificates as a way of commemorating the completion of this wonderful camp.