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Adventurer’s 5 Day Camps

Age:     10 – 12

Price: HKD 5,350

End of April – 10% OFF Early Bird Day camp price HKD 4,815

Meeting Location: Central Pier No. 8

Drop off: 8:30am

Pick up: 5:00pm 

Duration: 5 days


19-23 June

26-30 June

3-7 July

10-14 July

17-21 July

24-28 July

31 July – 4 Aug

7-11 Aug

14-18 Aug

21-25 Aug

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“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.”

– JRR Tolkien

Our focus is on strengthening participants’ sense of adventure and enjoying the great outdoors of Hong Kong. As participants progress through different outdoor activities, they would build self-awareness, self-confidence and improve their social skills.

The exact order of activity days and locations may vary for each individual camp and registered participants should refer to the itinerary in their Information Pack for the most accurate itinerary.


Itinerary (Adventurer’s 5 Day Camps )

Kayaking & Snorkeling – Hoi Ha

Starting off our epic 5-day summer adventure, you’ll be paddling in the beautiful Sai Kung to locate your snorkeling spot. But before you go, you’ll engage in some enjoyable refresher activities to understand the essential kayaking skills. Did you know that Hong Kong has a greater variety of coral than the Caribbean Sea? We occasionally lose sight of Hong Kong’s outdoor uniqueness but this is why we’re here!

GSUP & Raft Building – Deep Water Bay

Adventurers, today is a beach day! At Deep Water Bay, you’ll spend the day engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities. One of these is the giant stand-up paddleboard, which is one of our most popular water activities. You’ll gain knowledge about team paddling, racing, and compete in our fun SUP competitions. The day will be concluded with a raft-building competition. Your team will compete to build a viable raft out of the resources provided. To finish the challenge successfully, strong collaboration, cohesion, along with the paddling skills covered will be essential.

Kayaking Journey – Sai Kung

Adventurers, now is the time to advance and improve your paddling abilities. You will be tested to recall the kayaking techniques you learned on the first day and to build upon them. You will go on a serene kayaking journey for the day exploring parts of the beautiful Sai Kung. Throughout the day we’ll take breaks, park our boats to have lunch and have some fun on the beach.

Gorge & Fresh Water Pool Dipping – Upper Ping Nam Gorge

After a few days in the beautiful ocean it’s time to immerse yourself into Hong Kong’s fresh water. You’ll be hiking up the stunning Upper Ping Nam gorge in the New Territories. You’ll periodically be in and out of the water, going over and under rocks. You’ll witness some breathtaking vistas of Hong Kong you never seen before on this incredible day!

Beach Olympics & Beach Swim – Big Wave Bay

Our yearly summer beach olympics will be held on the last day of CAMP APA. The skills you’ve developed over the course of the week will be put to the test as you’ll compete in enjoyable team-building activities. We’ll take a few long breaks during the Olympics to cool off and go for short swims around the bay. The day will come to a close with our last review exercise and the CAMP APA awards ceremony.