John Ray Onifa (a.k.a. ‘StingRay’)

Sport: Trail Running
Nationality: Philippines

John is currently the #1 trail runner from the Philippines and a break-out star regionally in 2018. In just two years of competitive trail racing, John has already won numerous ultra-trail events in Asia including Thailand’s The North Face 50 and Hong Kong’s 100km Rebel Walker, and recently was a top 5 finisher in Japan’s 92km STY. John is from a small village on Panay Island in the Philippines, and was a fisherman and farmer before pursuing trail running professionally in 2018. Since relocating to Hong Kong in 2019 Stingray has won numerous additional events and set a historic FKT.

  • FKT (fastest known time) – Hong Kong Trail 43km – 3:26

  • 1st placed Vibram HK50 and course record holder – Hong Kong

  • 1st Place MoonTrekker 10th anniversary -50km – Hong Kong

  • 2nd place The North Face HK 100 – Hong Kong

  • 1st place 100km Rebel Walker – Hong Kong

  • 1st place The North Face 50 – Thailand

  • 1st place Rizal Mountain Run 50km – Philippines

  • Overall Champion Mapawa trail series 50km – Philippines