Historic start to 2017 for Athlete Team





2017 has started in historic fashion for the Athlete team once again. Jay certainly set the tone with a top 10 finish in the Ultra Trail World Tour's first event of the year, taking 7th at the Vibram HK100. The result was more than remarkable as it was Jay's first World Tour race and he ran fearless from start to finish together with several of the world's top trail runners.

Chung soon backed this up with a dominating win in the first Garmin 100, a new event with one of the most technical and challenging courses in Asia. Chung then later followed this in April by making history with a 10th place finish in the most competitive stage ultra trail race globally, Marathon De Sables. The event, in its 32nd year, saw competitors battle it out across the Sahara desert over 7 days on an epic adventure that was also one of 2017’s most important Ultra Trail World Tour locations.

Stone spent the first part of 2017 focusing on the soon to be iconic 4Trails event and raising money for charity. This 300km unofficial race is more about just trying to finish under the 60 hr cut off which had not been done in its previous 4 editions. Stone with two others became one of first by incredibly completing Maclehouse, Hong Kong, Wilson and Lantau trails back to back in 54 hours....all the while raising over 50,000 USD to help give underpriveledge kids new opportunities in sports and outdoor activities.

The team also had solid results in several additional races including winning the Merrrel Challenge, where Piers quickly jumped back onto the podium after being injured much of last year.

The Spring season now finishes with 3 key races in May:

Wu Long Xtrail, China (www.xtrail.cn)

Mt. Hiei, Japan (www.mt-hiei.com)

Wengan Outdoor Quest, China (www.cmaar.com )

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