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Asia Pacific Adventure, is proud to announce that we are now a centre of Excellence and training provider for the international recognized Rescue 3 courses.

Rescue 3 international is the worlds premier water and technical rescue organization. With more than 300,000 students having taken Rescue 3’s courses worldwide, the approach has been refined until it is the absolute best in the business.

The courses have been independently audited and found to be compliant with the, National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 1670 standard for technical rescue in high risk environments including swift-water, ice and rope rescue. This is important because training to a recognized standard is a key factor in reducing an individuals and organization’s risk profile.

As the worlds leader they have been involved in setting the standards of workshops and are recognized by the worlds leading fire protection agencies. Having trained personnel across the globe the systems in place are easily transferable from one rescue agency to another.


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By taking part in the following 3 courses you will meet the NFPA training requirements for Swift-water & Flood and Technical Rope Rescue Technician.  Includes NFPA required training for Swift-water, Flood Rescue, River Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue in the Low, Steep and Vertical Angle environments.

(TRR-TL) Technical Rope Rescue Technician level - 5 days
This 5 day (40 hour) course is designed to take students from basic over-the-bank rescues to progressively more vertical scenarios. Students learn and practice such skills as: preplanning, size-up and scene management, ascending and descending, belaying, mechanical advantage systems, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging and litter attending, tethers, and high-lines. Completion of the TRR:TL class satisfies the requirements in NFPA 1670 for Technical Rope Technician level training. In addition, Technician level training is mandatory for inclusion on many Federal Emergency Management Agency Teams at different levels.  

PREREQUISITES: ........................................ NONE
COST - HKD 6,139 (USD 777)


(SRT - 1) Swift-water and Flood Rescue Technician (unit 1) - 3 days
The SRT1 course provides rescuers with the fundamentals of survival in moving water and is recommended for anyone who may be called upon to perform in-water rescues. Students gain knowledge in hydrology and river classifications, size-up, site control and scene management. Practical skills include self-rescue, swift-water swimming and the fundamentals of shore, boat and in-water rescues. Additionally students are introduced to the basics of boat handling and the fundamentals of rope rescue including mechanical advantage and anchor systems. The SRT1 class also provides the rescuer the foundation to work toward the NFPA Swift-water Technician level. Swift-water Technician level is a mandatory training level for inclusion on a Federal Emergency Management Agency Swift-water/ Flood Search and Rescue Team at all levels.

PREREQUISITES: ........................................ BASIC SWIMMING ABILITY
COST - HKD 3,532 (USD 447)

(SRT - A ) Swift-water & Flood rescue Technician (Advanced) - 3 days
This course integrates techniques learned in SRT1 and TRR:TL, taking the students beyond the emphasis on self-rescue to concentrate on victim rescue. Students are exposed to more complex water rescue situations including a mock night river rescue scenario. The three day course includes 4-6 hours of classroom instruction, followed by two and one- half days of hands-on skill development. Students are introduced to the role and utilization of various skills in river and flood rescue, including rope systems, management of litter & patient raising systems, high-line systems, advanced river search concepts, and performing rescues at night or in low visibility and basic flood disaster management.

PREREQUISITES: ........................................ SWIFT-WATER AND FLOOD RESCUE TECHNICIAN 1
COST - HKD 3,532 (USD 447)


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