Following in their parents footsteps






Team APA Ninjas take the win in the family division of the Action Asia events Kayak & Run. Team members Kailan and Stuart Sharpless led the race from the start, a mishap 5 min in saw then drop but eventually take the win on the run. Kailan said "we were leading and my dad said lets push to try and get away, next thing I know my paddle sliced through the water and I fell out. Could believe it never fall out of a boat". Dropping a couple places they quickly fought back to be back up with the leaders. Finally pushing through the transition to retake the lead position. The win was the fourth in a row for the father and son pair.

Kailan commented after the race “I am so happy right now. Feels good to take win again. Unfortunately we are away for the rest of the summer so won't be able to join the next races.

Not to be outdone Kailan's younger sister, Kala, also raced with her mum, Brenda. It was the first race for the 9 year old, racing under the name of the APA Koalas. At the finish line she was so happy to of had the opportunity with her mum. The girls team did a great job completing the race course and are looking for to beating the boys next time. "girl power"

"I feel so proud right now. It is such a great experience to be racing with my son again. He is so much better than I was at his age. I see a really bright future for this kid, if he keeps going the way that he is. He seems to have a very natural style in running and just keeps bouncing along. With focused training he is defiantly one to look out for in the future. I am just a bit worried now as he is going to leave his old man in the dust”.

A former member of asia's most successful adventure racing team now has two children to compete against and beat him. " oh well I guess that's what it means to be getting old”.



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