APA staff glide their way to the finish line in one of Asia’s top Open Water Swimming events

On the 6th October two Asia Pacific Adventure open water swim teams competed in Asia’s only marathon swimming relay – ‘The Clean Half’. More than 250 distance swimmers in 50 teams (5 people per team) braved the winds, ocean swells and tricky conditions to finish the 15km course from Stanley to Deepwater Bay. The swim teams demonstrated determination, teamwork and endurance in fitness at the same time as having lots of fun.

With plastic pollution growing as a global issue, the race highlights the needs to use less disposable plastic. Re-useable drink containers were used during the event instead of plastic bottles. Paper plates and wooden cutlery instead of plastic served us well at the celebratory BBQ.


group-photos-on-beach.png      swimming.png


Some of the proceeds from the event were donated to the Ocean Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organization which is focused on reducing the impact of plastic waste in our ocean, and on our planet in general, which is proven to impact over 270 species of wildlife in the ocean environment alone.

For APA’s co-founder and director, Ryan Blair, the oceans and waterways of Asia have had a huge role in his life personally and professionally as both an amazing playground for water sports, as well as, a core activity venue used in the outdoor education side of APA. He adds “I hope that by inspiring youth, executives, and recreational athletes with the beauty and enjoyment of what we can do in Earth's natural environment we can raise awareness in its value and promote ways to protect the environment we share with so many other species”



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