Athlete team takes GOLD in Thailand's River Kwai Trophy, New Zealand MTB and KOTH in HK


The North Face King of the Hills      Finish TV interview


Champion System Adventure has again won Asia's biggest one day adventure race, River Kwai Trophy.  It is the the 3rd year in row the team has won and this year the team managed to take the runner up position as well.  The race included 70km of mountain biking, trail running and river kayaking, all starting from Kanchanaburi's infamous "Bridge Over the River Kwai". The teams two Thai athletes, Saman and Jay, took the GOLD with a blistering performance start to finish, especially in the final mountain run under melting temperatures.  Special mention to Klayten who lined up with Ryan to get 2nd Overall despite undergoing collarbone surgery just 2 weeks before the race!


River Kwai Thailand Finish 1 and 2      River Kwai Thailand kayak


In other recent racing news in Hong Kong, team member Jay Kiangchaipaipana took the Overall win in two long standing Hong Kong trail run events, The North Face King of the Hills and Bonaqua Action Sprint.   Racing back to back weekends, Jay lead both races early on and remarkably nearly broke the course in each against fields of 500 and 300 respectively. In the The North Face King of the Hills full marathon Jay ran the 2nd fastest time in the events' 15 year history.


Mountain Biking       Bonaqua-Action-Sprint


Further afield in New Zealand, team member Louise Mark had an epic battle in the 11th annual Colville Connection 72 km Mountain bike race.   Louise was part of the closest finish in the history of the event as she out-sprinted Anne Thatcher at the line to win by a mere 19 seconds in the 3hr+ race. Yea!

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