Athlete team Storms through Singapore


Start Singapore MTB


Champion System Adventure team pulled off a great couple of wins in Singapore recently in the 12 hour Mountain Bike Enduro.  One of Asia's only MTB festivals, the event attracted over 300 riders with the Enduro starting at 5pm Saturday and racing through the night.  


Champion System Adventure Team

The team started off in Style with Jay tearing off the start line and posting the events' fastest lap, and then riding a wheelie through the spectator area at top speed.   Jay and Ryan won the duo competition and the most laps overall holding off a strong final challenge from Team Cannondale Asia.


Baby on MTB

Marites (Baby) was in fine form and dominated the women's solo race start to finish.  Battling muddy conditions and sleep deprivation, she never let up with her closest competitor a remarkable 2 hours behind.

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