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Athlete Team
Champion System Adventure Team 2014 Team Video

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Champion System Adventure Team

Team Profile

The Champion System Adventure (CSA) Team consists of a small group of Asia Pacific endurance sport champions based in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and New Zealand.
Team members strive to live out their passion for adventure, travel and international competition, while helping to promote the value and protection of Asia's spectacular outdoor areas.
The team is managed by Asia Pacific Adventure (, and sponsors include: Champion System, The North Face, Black Diamond, Garmin, SportsWorld and Feelfree Kayaks

Team Management

Team Director – Ryan S. Blair

Team Coordination – Vanessa Foo

Team Webmaster – Eric Tse


Champion System Adventure Team 2015


new-stone.jpgName: Tsang Siu Keung, Stone

Sport: Trail Running & Adventure Racing
Nationality: Chinese, resident of Hong Kong
Other Job: Physical Trainer for Fire Department 

Born and raised in a small town in Mainland China, Stone moved to Hong Kong as a teenager and has now become one of Asia’s top trail runners and adventure racers.   Stone was the first and only HK Chinese to ever win Action Asia Challenge, and last year Stone was the top Chinese finisher and 21st overall in one of the world’s top mountain running competitions in Europe.   When not training and racing Stone works as an ambulance EMT helping to treat casualties and save lives throughout Hong Kong.


Race career highlights:
•    4 x Overall Series Champion – HK’s King Of The Hills mountain running series
•    1st place Trailwalker 100Km – Hong Kong
•    1st place Action Asia Challenge – Hong Kong
•    1st place Salomon 2 Peaks Mountain Run – Hong Kong
•    1st place x 3 NE Mountain Marathon 33Km – Hong Kong
•    1st place x 2 and record holder 65km Round the Island trail run –Hong Kong
•    12th place North Face Challenge National Championships – USA
•    1st place x 4 times and record holder Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail 78Km – Hong Kong
•    21st The North Face Ultra–Trail du Mont–Blanc – Europe
•    1st runner–up Racing the Planet’s International Gobi March 250Km – China
•    Overall Series Champion – Volvo Action Sprint Series – Hong Kong


new-ryan.jpgName: Ryan S. Blair
Sport: Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking & Trail Running
Nationality: American, resident of Hong Kong
Other Job: Owner and Director of two outdoor/ adventure sport companies

After solo explorations through Vietnam, China, and the Himalayas, Ryan settled in Hong Kong in 1995 and has since become one of Asia’s top adventure racers and adventure sport pioneers.  Ryan was founding Race Director and Managing Director of the first series of international adventure races in Asia, National Geographic Channel Action Asia Challenge (Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia – 1998–2001). In 2002, Ryan founded one of Asia’s leading outdoor education & training companies, Asia Pacific Adventure, and soon after, established Asia’s top adventure sports Athlete Team with business partner Stuart Sharpless.

Race career highlights:

•    1st place x 4 Action Asia Challenge adventure race – Hong Kong
•    1st place The North Face 24–hr Exploration Race – China
•    1st place International Exploration Adventure Race – Taiwan 
•    1st place River Kwai Trophy Adventure Race – Thailand
•    1st Asia team (6th overall) and stage podium Wulong International Mountain Quest, China
•    1st place Shandong National Championships Adventure Race – China
•    1st place Green Power 50km Trail Run Champs – Hong Kong
•    1st place 12 hour Oregon Adventure Race (solo) – USA
•    1st place Moontrekker 40k Trail Run Champs – Hong Kong
•    Top 3 podium x 3 in 100km Oxfam Trailwalker – Hong Kong


new-jay.jpgName: Jay Kiangchaipaipana
Sport: Mountain Biking & Adventure racing
Nationality: Thailand
Other Job:  Mountain Bike guide

Jay is a high–level adventure athlete who was working as a mountain bike guide in Chiang Mai when recently discovered by CSA’s team Director.  He has been a sportsman his whole life, starting with Muay Thai boxing before moving on to mountain biking and adventure racing.  Jay joined the Athlete Team in 2011 and had a huge adventure racing debut win with the team at this years’ River Kwai Trophy.  Jay is also part Karen, an important hill tribe of SE Asia.


Race career highlights:

•    1st place Singapore 12 hour Mountain Bike Enduro – Singapore
•    1st place x 2 River Kwai Trophy Adventure Race – Thailand
•    1st Asia team (6th overall) and stage podium Wulong International Mountain Quest, China
•    2nd place Action Asia Challenge – Hong Kong
•    1st place King of the Hills – Hong Kong
•    1st place Doi Inthanon Hill Climb MTB champs  – Thailand
•    1st place multiple Thailand XC Mountain bike races – Thailand
•    2nd place Northern Thai Downhill HT Championship – Thailand


new-baby.jpgName: Baby Marites S. BitBit
Sport: Mountain Biking & Adventure Racing  
Nationality: Philippines
Other Job: Philippines armed forces

Baby has been athletic her whole life with unprecedented accomplishments as a Filipino woman in the sport of cycling.   She has been on the Philippines National Cycling team for over 10 years, and is a 2 x GOLD medalist in the South East Asia Games, as well as, a member of the Philippines Armed Forces.   Baby is one of Asia’s top woman mountain bikers and adventure racers. 


Race career highlights:

•    Gold Medalist – South East Asian Games Cross Country MTB – Thailand
•    Gold Medalist – South East Asian Games Road Race – Philippines
•    1st place x 2 Singapore International Bike Festival – Singapore
•    1st runner up Asian Duathlon Champs
•    1st place Genghis Khan MTB International 3–day stage race  – China
•    1st place Columbia Off–road Duathlon – Philippines
•    1st place Subic Bikefest – Philippines


new-piers.jpgName: Piers Touzel
Sport: Mountain Biking & Adventure Racing
Nationality: Australian, resident of Beijing, China 
Other Job:  Principal Consultant in Environmental Resources Management

Piers has become one of Asia’s top mountain bikers and adventure racers, while holding down a day job as a partner in an Environmental Resources Management firm.  He has lived in Mainland China for over 10 years, yet has raced on 5 continents and continues to travel the globe in search of the ultimate mountain biking adventure.

Race career highlights:
•    1st place Huangshan International Mountain Bike Race – China
•    1st place x 2 Action Asia Challenge Adventure Race – Hong Kong
•    1st place UCC and Kenda Olympic Bike Festival – China
•    1st place Great Wall Mountain Bike Festival – China
•    1st place Action Asia Lamma Enduro – Hong Kong
•    1st place Seyon Asia King of the Hills 2 day Trail Run/MTB Race – China
•    1st place North Face Guangxi 24–hour Adventure Race – China
•    Top 40 finisher several world–class multi–stage MTB events

new-safery.jpgName: Safrey Sumping

Sport: Mountain Running & Trail Running 
Nationality: Malaysian
Other Job: Mountain Guide

Safrey is a world–class mountain runner who grew up and lives at the base of Mt. Kinabalu, S.E. Asia’s highest mountain. He was discovered by CSA’s team Director one misty morning while training on the mountain and first joined the team in 2007.   Safrey has been the top Malaysian mountain & trail runner for several years and has held his own against the world’s best each October on his home mountain.


Race career highlights:

•    3rd place Buff Sky Series Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon –Malaysia
•    Top 10 – Buff Sky series x 5 Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon –Malaysia
•    2nd place King of the Hills – Hong Kong
•    1st Malaysian – Sabah International Marathon – Malaysia
•    2nd place Action Asia Sprint – Hong Kong


new-saman.jpgNameSaman Gunan
Sport: Adventure Racing
Nationality: Thai
Other Job:  Armed Security Specialist

Saman is a former Navy Seal, National cyclist member, and previously one of Thailand's top Triathletes. Now adventure racing is Saman's true passion and he joined the APA Athlete team in 2012 after becoming the most decorated local adventure racer in his country.


Race career highlights:

•    1st place x 4  – Bangkok Challenge Race – Thailand 
•    1st place x 3  – River Kwai Trophy Adventure Race – Thailand
•    1st place Kho Samu Trophy Adventure Race  – Thailand 
•    1st place x 5  – Adventure Dash Series –Thailand

chung.jpgName: Wong Ho Chung
Sport: Trail Running
Nationality: Chinese, resident of Hong Kong
Other Job:  Physical Fitness Instructor for Fire Services Department

Born in Guangzhou in Mainland China, Chung grew up in Hong Kong enjoying the outdoors and nature.   As a child living in Kowloon, Chung was always a "wild boy" at heart and enjoyed going up into the mountains to make fire, climb trees, pick wild fruits, and catch insects everyday after school.   After graduating from secondary school, Chung became a Hong Kong fireman and after few years a Physical Fitness Instructor for the Fire Department.  Chung started running competitively recently, and after just 2 years has become a force on Hong Kong's highly competitive trail running scene. Chung is the newest member of our Athlete team, signing with Champion System Adventure in 2013.


Race career highlights:

•    1st place King of the Hills – Hong Kong
•    1st place NE Mountain Marathon – Hong Kong
•    1st place Sea To summit – Hong Kong
•    1st place Care Action – Hong Kong
•    2nd place Ngong Ping Mountain Race – Hong Kong


Latest News
Team Advisors

Team Acupuncturist:

AlainName: Alain Chu
Company: Alain Chu Sports Injury & Chronic Pain Clinic
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it









Team Physiotheraphy:

DougName: Doug Tahirali
Company: Jardine House Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centre
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it









Team Technical Coach:

Stuart Name: Stuart Sharpless
Sport: Adventure Racing, Paddling, Orienteering, Rock Climbing
Nationality: English, resident of Hong Kong
Other Job: Owner and Director of two outdoor/ adventure sport companies

  • One of Asia’s leading Kayak, Climbing and Navigation coaches
  • Asia's foremost ropes technical expert - Previous Technical Director or consultant for many international adventure races including: National Geographic Action Asia Challenge, Mild Seven Outdoor Quest, and AXN Challenge.
  • 1st  place (Mixed Team) Outward Bound Adventure Race - Hong Kong 2007
  • 1st  place The North Face 24-hr Exploration Race - China 2006
  • 1st  place 2-day Exploration Adventure Race- Taiwan 2005
  • Raid World Championships qualifier and finisher - France, Italy, Switz. 2005
  • 1st  Place Amazing Adventure 24 hour adventure race  - Hong Kong 2003
  • 1st  place 4 Peaks Sailing & mountain run race for 3 years  -- Hong Kong
  • 1st  place Adidas Impossible Sprint Greater China Climbing Competition – Hong Kong 2003.