Our Team
Our Team
Ryan S. Blair
Ryan Director of APA Group

Originally from the West Coast of the United States, Ryan has developed a career in Asia specialising in outdoor education, skills training and adventure sport event & athlete management. After completing a degree in international business and taking part in adventures throughout the Rocky and Himalayan Mountains, Ryan settled in Hong Kong in 1995.

By 1997, Ryan had been responsible for organising several sports & entertainment events in Hong Kong and in 1998 became Race Director of the first adventure race in Hong Kong, Action Asia Challenge. In addition, Ryan was Director of Activities for an outdoor youth charity, Action Asia Foundation and spearheaded several projects in Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.

In 2000-1, Ryan played a key role in establishing a partnership between Action Asia and National Geographic, and subsequently, managed the first series of international adventure races in Asia. Ryan developed races in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia with the events broadcasted internationally on ESPN-Star Sports and the National Geographic Channel.

After relocating to Singapore in 2001 to carry out consulting work in the outdoor education industry, Ryan returned to Hong Kong in 2002 to establish a partnership and Asia Pacific Adventure with friend and former colleague, Stuart Sharpless. Over several years, this partnership evolved into a group of companies, namely APA Group, spamming many areas of the outdoor sector, as well as corporate training, retail and filming industries.

Stuart Sharpless
StuartDirector of APA Group

After moving to Hong Kong from the UK over two decades ago, Stuart has become one of the leaders and pioneers in Asia’s outdoor training, education and adventure sport industries. Explorer, corporate facilitator, adventure athlete, film-maker, and entrepreneur, Stuart has followed his passion and help build APA Group together with friend and teammate Ryan S. Blair.

Stuart is one of the most technically experienced and qualified outdoor educators in Asia. He holds international qualifications and examiners certificates in mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, avalanche operations, mountain rescue, white water rescue, white-water kayaking / canoeing, technical diving & wilderness first aid, amongst others. Stuart has consulted for many companies (including National Geographic, Action Asia, AXN/Sony, and IMG) on safety and technical aspects for many international outdoor events throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Stuart has also been involved in the development of drone technology in Asia before its awareness in the main stream market, and was the first internationally qualified UAV pilot in Hong Kong. He has working closely with the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to develop and refine industry standards, as well as, drone-filmed on many international productions ranging from Hollywood feature films to National Geographic’s “One strange Rock.”

Stuart also helped found The North Face Adventure team after winning numerous regional adventure races, along with qualifying and competing in two World Championships.

Stuart’s corporate facilitation work spanning over 25 years has ranged from leadership development to team-building to creative recruitment. Today, he is called upon by many multi-national corporations to help shape and guide their leaders of the future.
Anthony Barrett
AnthonySenior Program Manager & Outdoor Facilitator

Anthony has been an outdoorsman all his life, but started climbing seriously seven years ago, rapidly gaining qualifications in mountaineering and rock climbing. Anthony has worked for activity centers all across the UK where he trained in multiple outdoor activities including climbing, hiking, and paddle sports.

Whilst in the UK, Anthony honed his leadership and facilitation skills before departing for international-based work. Since he left the UK, Anthony has worked in Canada and most recently in Hong Kong, continuing to develop himself professionally and learning to appreciate different outdoor cultures. Living on Lamma Island in Hong Kong, Anthony enjoys climbing, sea kayaking, open-water swimming, slack lining, and trail walking in his spare time.

Since joining APA, Anthony hasrapidly moved into the Program Manager role where he is currently enjoying the challenge of working directly with clients to create new and exciting programs in some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful outdoor places.


Al Nino Capangpangan
NinoOperations Manager & Outdoor Facilitator

Born and raised in the Philippines, Al Nino (or “Nino”) has been a group facilitator and manager for over 15 years in the outdoor industry. A true adventure enthusiast and a very easy-going person, Nino has a passion for all things outdoors.

Nino has designed and facilitated adventure-based team building programs for both corporate and youth clients, and is also proficient with technical set-up on high-elements, as well as, an avid SCUBA Diver. He is also a BCU UKCC Level 2 in Coaching Paddlesports and Wilderness First Responder.

In 2007 Nino lived in the USA, where he worked as an Instructor for Environmental & Adventure Education, and developed a passion for working with youth with disabilities.

Nino joined Asia Pacific Adventure in 2009 as a freelance facilitator, and soon after became a member of the full-time team. In 2017 Nino became part of the senior management team as an Operations Manager for APA’s Youth Division.
Dominica Wong

DominicaClient Relationship Manager

Dominica grew up enjoying hiking, cycling and taking part in scout groups during her childhood in Hong Kong, volunteering for non-profit organisations during her spare time.

After graduating with a degree in Information Science and Linguistics from City University (Hong Kong), Dominica spent time working and traveling around Australia and America. Back in Hong Kong, Dominica worked in a variety of fields, including logistics, legal, hospitality, guest services, corporate training, sales and marketing, stage management and show business. These different challenges and experiences enabled her to further determine her career path into sales and marketing with a focus on client’s satisfaction.

From 2005 to 2010 Dominica worked as a lead staff within the entertainment and events department at Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park, before joining Asia Pacific Adventure in 2014 as Client Relationship Manager.

Gabby DeGagné
GabbyTraining and Expedition Manager

Gabby grew up exploring the coast mountains of her home region of British Columbia and has since travelled and worked on five continents. Gabby majored in Exercise Science and Psychology at the University of Victoria, it was during this time she found her passion for working in the outdoors. She has over 10 years experience in the field of Outdoor Education currently spends her time working in Hong Kong, Canada, and New Zealand.

With qualifications and training in canoe, kayaking, skiing, wilderness first aid, avalanche operations, backcountry travel, and multi-day expeditions, the lines between work and play for Gabby are often blurred. Gabby most recently participated in a first-ascent ski mountaineering expedition of the Tien Shien Mountains in Kyrgyzstan and is already plotting her next big adventure.

Gabby loves to share her passion for the outdoors and the environment with others. She spends most of her free time climbing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, and skiing. Gabby started working for Asia Pacific Adventure in 2011 as a freelance facilitator and has since been a program Manger and most recently Training and Expedition Manager. Though she has travelled far and wide, she stills considers Hong Kong home.
Michael John Yu
Store Manager & Outdoor Facilitator

Originally from the southern part of the Philippines (Baroy, Lanao del Norte), Micmic’s love for the outdoors took root during his time in university. After discovering his passion to teach, Micmic became a Mountaineering Course Instructor and at the same time fell deeper in love with his favorite water activity, SCUBA Diving. He went on to become a PADI Dive Master and a BSAC Open Water Instructor.

Micmic joined the Asia Pacific Adventure team in September 2009 as an Outdoor Facilitator, further fueling his desire to share his passion to others. Since then he also further developed his technical skills with a Recue 3 Technical Rope Technician award and a WMA Wilderness First Responder qualification.

Since joining APA and after several seasons on youth and adult programs, Micmic moved into the Store Manager role for APA Group where is he is constantly faced with challenges overseeing a key part of the backbone of APA’s program operations with all the gear, food and equipment that must accompany the delivery teams across dozens of locations around Asia.
Gnana Shekar A. N.
ImageSenior Program Manager

Originally from Bangalore India, Gnana is a keen all-round outdoor enthusiast with over two decades experience across many areas of the outdoor industry.

Gnana started his outdoor career in 1999 in a rock climbing competition, and later went on to have several podium finishes in sport climbing at zonal, state & national level events.

Gnana then began to focus on instructing and facilitating after completing training at The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, as well as, the widely respected National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He also has certifications from the Wilderness Medicine Institute in the US and Hong Kong Mountaineering Institute.

Ghana has many years experience working with both youth and corporate groups, and has a passion and strength for program management. He currently plays a vital role on APA’s Youth Divisions Operation team as a Senior Program Manager.
Francis Gitz Cañete
Operations Assistant & Outdoor Facilitator

Gitz hails from the Philippines where he grew up playing in the waters of one of the islands of Cebu. He starting working in the outdoor industry as a PADI Dive Master and BSAC Open Water Instructor in order to share his love of exploring the sea.

Soon after, Gitz became interested and experienced in many other adventure activities including stand up paddle-boarding, kayaking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and mountain biking. These activities also led him to develop further his passion for teaching.

In 2015, Gitz joined APA as a facilitator to further develop his skills in the outdoors and his passion for experiential education. More recently, he has moved into an Operations Assistant role where he is constantly pushed to discover himself with the challenges of staff management and development.
Steve Corbin
SteveOutdoor Facilitator

Steve Corbin moved to Hong Kong from the UK with his Family in 1996, and has spent the last several years as an entrepreneur developing and consulting with various diverse businesses, in addition to his work as an outdoor facilitator with Asia Pacific Adventure (APA).

Steve has lived and traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and also spent 12 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves as an Adventure Training Instructor in the UK.

Steve’s passion for the outdoors has led to him participating in a wide range of adventure racing events throughout Asia, as well as participating in several dragon boat racing competitions each year.

Steve is also the founder of the annual Team FEAR Junior Challenge Adventure Race held in Discovery Bay on Lantau, which is organized for young people aged 8 – 15 years and is Hong Kong’s premier youth adventure race.

Steve joined Asia Pacific Adventure’s team in 2004 and is also a regular corporate experiential training facilitator with APA’s sister company Paradigm Consultants International.
Wai Wah Yip (Geordie)
GeordieTechnical Facilitator

Geordie Yip is one of the most experienced all around climbers and technical specialists based in Asia.  Since starting climbing in the 1980ís near his home in England, Geordie has gone on to travel, climb and guide around the world with successful expeditions in the Nepal Himalayas, China and South East-Asia, North America, and Europe.

Geordie has not only guided on rock, ice, and mountains, but also worked on mountain search and rescue teams in Canada and worked around Asia as a technical specialist for international adventure races.  He has completed courses in wilderness first aid, rock rescue and both the Alpine Mountain Guide and Rock Guide courses with the American Mountain Guides Association.

Geordie joined the Asia Pacific Adventure team in 2002 and plays a key role as a program technical facilitator, climbing instructor, as well as, a technical specialist in the companyís facility development division.
Colin Bolton
ColinOutdoor Facilitator

Col hails from the UK but has worked his way around the world in countries such as the UK, Norway, American, Canada, Australia where he has worked with Outward Bound Schools since 1962. For the last 50 years the outdoors and Outdoor Education have been his life.

Col became Chief Instructor and Program Director for Outward Bound and directed an Outdoor Adventure Education program for 15 years at a college in South Australia and worked for the University of South Australia in their Outdoor/Adventure training programme.

As well as a qualified teacher, he is also an accomplished mountaineer, rock climber, skier, paraglider, diver, sailor and kayaker, being at Instructor level in most of these activities. Col joined the Asia Pacific Adventure’s Youth team in 2007 and has been guiding and instructing his many facets of skills in the outdoors ever since.
Mike Soriano
Mike SorianoTechnical Facilitator

Originally from Manila, Mike has over 15 years of experience in the Philippine outdoor industry as an adventure tour guide, rock climbing instructor, and technical ropes specialist.

Mike has taught indoor climbing at the International School Manila for over a decade, and has been trained under the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association for Rock1, Rock 2 and Bush 1. Mike is also IRATA level 1 certified.

Mike started working with APA in 2006 and has been a key member of the technical team, as well as, with facilitation and coordination. ‘Cool Mike’ is one of the most easy going and relaxed people you will meet and always a pleasure to have next to your side when hanging over a cliff face wondering what to do next!

Calvin Lieu
CalvinTechnical Facilitator

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Calvin is a passionate outdoorsman who has been rock climbing for over a decade around the world.

After getting a degree in geology from Carleton in Minnesota, he joined APA in 2009. Calvin has quickly become a key member of the technical and facilitation team, and is always a favorite amongst the other staff and students alike. If you happen to have Calvin on your program don’t forget to get in a thought-provoking discussion on his thesis of Oceanic Anoxic Cycles of the Mid-cretaceous.
Wendell Getubig
WendellOutdoor Facilitator

While studying at university, Wendell stumbled upon rock climbing and the sport soon after began to shape his career path. After graduation Wendell became a rock climbing instructor and one of the pioneers of the growth of the sport in Cebu, his home in the Philippines.

Wendell is an official route-setter, judge and belayer for the Sport Climbing Association of the Philippines (SCAPI) and has been trained to many International credit certificate.

Wendell joined the APA Youth Division in 2008, and has played a key role in both facilitating youth groups, and monitoring several technical safety areas of programs.

Every day is an adventure for Wendell, as he travels the world climbing, surfing, playing ultimate frisbee, and facilitating outdoor experiential learning programs.
Kristian Guerrero
KristianOutdoor Facilitator

Originally from the Philippines, Kristian is a high-level athlete who has created a career in his passion for the outdoors and working with youth.

Over a decade ago he took up the sport of rock climbing and soon established himself as one of the top climbers in the country. In 2002, Kristian joined the National Climbing Team and has since competed all over Asia, including a top 5 result in the Asia X games, along with several National titles.

Kristian became a climbing instructor in 2005, specializing in courses with teenagers. This led to him joining APA in 2007 as both a technical specialist and a key member of our youth facilitation team.

When not climbing or teaching, Kristian competes in his other passion, Ultimate Frisbee, which has taken him around the world as one of the most talented players from Asia.