Youth Summer programs 2018

Strap on your PFD's, grab your hats and load up plenty of sunscreen!  Asia Pacific Adventure is offering summer courses this year to children aged 7 - 15 around the beautiful coastlines of Hong Kong!

As Hong Kong's leading provider in outdoor education, Asia Pacific Adventure will no doubt deliver a memorable experience and an opportunity for children to discover something new.

For those aged 7 - 9 years old,  APA will be offering the 'Environmental Explorers' program, will include: Gorge Walk, Habitats and Ecosystems, Beach Challenge and Giant SUP.

For those aged 10 - 12 years old, APA will be offering the 'Marine Adventures' program, an introduction to various types of water activities through a week-long day camp including: Water Safety, Snorkeling, SUPs and Kayaking.  

For older children, a residential 'Coast to Coast' camp for 13 - 15 year olds will include: kayaking expedition, gorge trek, snorkeling and lessons in environmental awareness.

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Come and explore your summer with APA!


Youth Program Video

Tallship sailing aboard the Bounty

Youth Division Overview

The management team of Asia Pacific Adventure has many years experience in the development and delivery of both school and open enrollment programs. The company offers a range of outdoor adventure experiential learning programs throughout Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific Adventure has organized programs for many top international schools in Asia, and specializes in innovative, customized programs for each organization.


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  • ImageEnsuring a highly stimulating and interactive environment to engage students of all learning styles.
  • Diversity of program structure to suit all ages and levels of ability.
  • Promotion of experiential learning - learn by "doing!"
  • Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and learn the value of risk taking and thinking laterally.
  • Highly qualified and experienced facilitators who are also skilled in observing group processes and who place emphasis on team building and the importance of the roles of all members of a team.
  • All lead facilitators first aid trained and qualified. Programs equipped with first aid resources which are available at each activity site.
  • High staff to student ratio.
  • Use of dynamic, creative review techniques - students are also encouraged to challenge themselves through the reflection and review process.
  • Variety of locations - programs are based at selected locations throughout Hong Kong and South East Asia ensuring the highest quality of adventure and cultural experience.
  • Single or multi-day programs
  • Possible themes to incorporate in your adventure programs:
    o Environmental protection awareness
    o Creativity
    o Outdoor adventure skills (rock climbing, abseiling, raft construction, orienteering, caving)
    o Service (environmental and community)
    o Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP), International Awards Program, Duke of Edinburgh and GSCE skills development

Image In addition to APA's extensive work with teenage year groups, APA has significant experience organizing progression-based, outdoor educational programs for younger children between 8 and 12. Each program is customized with common themes such as appreciating the differences in the abilities of others, respect for the environment, and learning the value of teamwork, communication, and reflection.


Asia Pacific Adventure specializes in creative, customized programs designed to meet the specific outcomes for each organization – whether based on a school’s curriculum or simply an opportunity to widen horizons and provide valuable life experiences.

Some sample programs include:

  • ImageWeek in the Wild – Challenge yourself with the thrill of rock climbing, abseiling and other high element activities.
  • Week on the Water  Combine the best of on-the-water activities such as dragon boating, sailing, sea kayaking and raft building.  
  • Survivor Challenge Stay on a remote beach and live as a survivor in a self made community, developing fundamental skills for bush survival while experiencing adventures such as gorge trekking and body surfing.
  • Seascape Kayaking Expedition Learn safety and risk management skills for planning and executing single to multi-day journeys kayaking around the beautiful bays of Sai Kung.
  • Hong Kong’s Amazing Race Work in smaller teams to complete a multi- phase adventure race encountering a set of mandatory challenges located at each destination. Teams are responsible for budgeting for provisions such as food and transport, route planning and time management.
  • High Adventures Combine both land and water based skills, high elements such as abseiling, rock climbing, tyrolean traverse with sea kayaking and gorge trekking in a natural & more challenging environment.

  • Thailand-Adventure on the River Kwai Discover kayaking, hiking, mountain biking & more within a region full of fascinating history and culture.
  • China-Tiger Leaping Gorge & Lijiang Trek through one of the worlds most spectacular and deepest gorges, visit ancient historical towns and discover many of Yunnans ethnic minorities.
  • China- Climbing, Caves and CommunityExciting rope challenges on dramatic rock faces, amazing limestone caves and a community service project in the picturesque Yangshou and other fantastic locations in China.
  • Malaysia-Sky to Sea Challenge Discover Borneo by adventuring from its highest, most spectacular peak down to its white water rivers and sparkling sea.
  • Taiwan – Tribal Survival Explore a dramatic and beautiful region full of steep gorges, waterfalls and aboriginal tribal history.

Testimonials from Teachers



" Your professionalism and that of all the APA team is also something you can be assured that I will share with the hierarchy at Harrow, our sister schools and with my wider contacts throughout the region. All at APA show a commitment and standard of service unmatched in my 15 years as expeditions' coordinator"

– Expeditions Coordinator, Harrow International School - Bangkok


"Our Camp was fantastic! All of the facilitators were wonderful and the girls had a great time. There were lots of team building and leadership opportunities and it gave the kids the opportunity to bond with their peers and have a real learning experience. We will definitely do this again"

– Parent Leader, USA Girl Scouts, Hong Kong


“Your team worked really hard to make it the best possible experience for our students and we would like to praise their professionalism and organization”

– Secondary School Teacher, West Island School, Hong Kong


“We appreciated your willingness to tailor the program to fit our many needs. Your team has always demonstrated the highest quality of services and program with paramount care for safety and learning”

– Vice Principle, Hong Kong International School


“I 100% love this trip. I have been to countless school trips, I have to say your group is the best one I have worked with. It is not about how special the activities are or where we went, but the way it was organized, how the staff used every single element to educate the students……that is what outdoor education is about”

– High School Teacher, Shanghai American School


“Once again we were incredibly impressed by all aspects of the program put on for us by APA. Your facilitators are absolute stars, their skill in quickly building positive and trusting relationships with the students is incredibly impressive. Their ability to both challenge the students whilst keeping the students confidence up by ensuring that they feel supported is superb. Finally, they are so good at giving the students a fun time whilst also making clear boundaries and ensuring safety. The facilitators are the real value added of APA”

– Primary School Teacher, Chinese International School


“Everyone on the trip was absolutely blown away by the experience and being with your staff, we are very grateful to them” - AYP coordinator, Hong Kong School Our students really benefitted and picked up lots of skills, not least teamwork. It was great to see them supporting each other. This is, in no small way, due to the APA staff's approach of encouragement and firmness, which was just perfectly pitched for the age of the students involved - not easy, I assure you! We were particularly impressed that whenever praise was given, it was backed up with a reason for it, making it more meaningful. The activities were also designed to give every student a chance to succeed”

– Secondary School Teacher, West Island School, Hong Kong


“From 6am to 10pm the APA staff gave every student, from those screaming and squawking at the sight of an ant to those who thought they knew everything already and didn't need to listen, a very valuable experience” – AYP Trip Leader, Hong Kong School “APA is well organized, providing professional instructors for all activities. Their instructors are very patient and kind to the students from our school. The students had fun while participating”

– Primary School Teacher, Singapore International School


“They (the students) not only learnt how to work as a team, but how to take care of others, how to lead a group”

– High School Teacher, Shanghai American School




Testimonials’ from Students and Parents


“Camp was great and my facilitator was a big part of that reason, as he made us laugh when we were down and made us smile”

– Year 7 student, Hong Kong


“I learnt how to be more responsible with my clothes and my items. I started to appreciate the environment and my house much more”

– Year 7 student, Hong Kong


‘Just recently, our school's "Life Wide Learning Week" was hosted by APA and it really left an impact on me. The facilitators managed to make us all laugh and they treated us equally with respect. They taught us patiently and gave it everything they had. They were open and they were willing to listen and I loved how you can immediately tell that they love their jobs’

– Year 10 student, Hong Kong


‘That feeling I got when I was out and about on the adventure program, I fell in love with it and I would like to experience it over and over again.’

– Year 10 student, Hong Kong


‘‘My school's Camp week was hosted by Asia Pacific, and I admired every facilitator, how they taught us, how they treated us like equals and with respect, and how they enjoyed every minute of their jobs’

– Year 10 student, Hong Kong


“Our boys came home happy and they couldn't stop talking about how inspiring their APA leader is to them. For years, I think that the camp allowed them to meet people outside of CIS community, knowing their leaders a bit more during their camp time, sharing personal experience and be inspired by their leader is something that they do not normally get in class. I think our boys look up to their APA leaders for their leadership and learned from their personal achievement such as what they work for living and that they take time off to work at APA for fun. It's a good balance of working hard and have fun at doing what they want to do such as at APA”

– Parents of students, Hong Kong School

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